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Say When... Know How...hen

Research shows that a significant population of Americans have genetic vulnerabilities that increase their likelihood of misusing alcohol.  These individuals often struggle to control their drinking, at the risk of legal, social, professional, and health consequences. 


Though complete abstinence is the preferred response for many who have abused alcohol, some make repeated attempts to limit their drinking, with mixed results.  


The development of the opiate-blocking medication, Naltrexone, has created treatment options for a range of addictive illness, both substance and behavioral.  Know Limits utilizes Naltrexone in a behavior modification approach that diminishes the reward mechanism that drives alcohol misuse, making the goals of moderation or abstinence achievable.

Know Limits begins with a thorough assessment, including a consultation with your personal physician, to determine the appropriateness of this program to your unique circumstances.

The positive, interactive style of the Know Limits program is empowering to individuals, in their efforts to make the responsible use of alcohol compatible with their personal, professional, and family priorities.     

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Know Limits Program Specifics

  • Outpatient program, tailored to your schedule

  • 90-day duration, 1-3 sessions per week

  • Live or telehealth for your convenience

  • Family participation encouraged

  • Abstinence or moderation

  • Assessment determines eligibility

For a free phone consultation and information package,
call 910/251-2106

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